Apex Clean Energy of Charlottesville, Virginia and SolUnesco of Reston, Virginia, are developing Red Brick Solar, a 130 MW facility that is expected to generate enough energy to power up to 26,700 homes. Situated in north-central Lunenburg County, about four miles southwest of Victoria, the location is highly suitable for a solar energy project and will connect to an existing transmission line that traverses the site.

A Clean Economic Opportunity for Lunenburg County

Red Brick Solar offers a new source of economic development with long-term local and state tax revenue for schools, government services, and public infrastructure. The power from Red Brick Solar will be delivered into the local Virginia electrical grid, helping diversify Virginia’s energy portfolio. Solar power is one of the most cost-effective sources of electricity available today, and its ability to generate power at peak times helps reduce electricity costs for all consumers. In addition to the jobs directly and indirectly created during the construction and operation of Red Brick Solar, this project also creates opportunities for companies with renewable energy goals to expand into Lunenburg County, as they seek to open new locations in areas with access to renewable power.

Local Economic Benefits

• Increases local income during construction; tens of millions of dollars will be spent directly on labor and materials, with additional millions in indirect economic benefits
• Increases local income during operations, both direct and indirect
• Provides significant revenues to local landowners
• Increases local tax revenues to $217,000 from $12,000; county revenues are consistent throughout the life of the project
• Does not negatively impact county services
• Attracts further business investment
• Offsets approximately 210,000 metric tons of CO2 annually, equal to the carbon sequestration of 250,000 acres of forest

Economic Analysis

Based on an independent economic analysis from Mangum Economics, the Red Brick Solar project would make a significant economic contribution to Lunenburg County. During the construction phase the project would provide approximately 439 jobs, $16.9 million in associated labor income, and $53.8 million in economic output. During the operational phase the project would support approximately 5 jobs, $170,426 in associated labor income, and $589,030 in economic output. Mangum Economics also found that the project would make a significant fiscal contribution to Lunenburg County, generating approximately $1.3 million in state and local tax revenue from the one-time pulse of economic activity associated with the project’s construction and $12.1 million in cumulative county revenue over the facility’s anticipated 40-year operational life assuming revenues are generated from the reassessment of the real property and a revenue share agreement between Red Brick Solar and Lunenburg County