How does Apex treat safety and training at Red Brick Solar?

Apex has a detailed Health and Safety Manual that identifies all health and safety requirements as they relate to construction and operations. This plan is reviewed with each site employee during an initial orientation. An Emergency Action Plan (EAP) has also been developed for all sites for use both during and post-construction. These EAPs are reviewed annually for needed updates. All projects require contractor bids to include their own Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) plan, which must meet or exceed the Apex HSE plan. A gap analysis is developed to bridge any gaps in the plan. Once the project begins construction, the contractor will follow their approved HSE plan with oversight by the Apex safety team. Safety councils are also formed by site leaders to consistently discuss, address, and improve safety concerns. Each morning, “Plan of the Day” (POD) meetings (attended by Apex’s director of health and safety) are held to discuss the day’s activities, as well as any risks that may arise. Once construction is complete and the site begins operating, the Apex Clean Energy HSE plan and EAP will be put into use. Finally, during operations, all safety training is conducted on a schedule required under regulation. Each operating site is also required to conduct annual emergency drills. Depending on the nature of the drill, local emergency authorities are sometimes asked to participate.