Red Brick Solar 2232 Public Hearing

The Lunenburg County Planning Commission will hold a public hearing on the 2232 for Red Brick Solar on March 16, at the courthouse. During the hearing there will be an opportunity for public comment where you can share your support of the project. To learn more about the hearing, you may visit the county's website:

Details of the hearing are below:

A 15.2-2232 Hearing for CUP-5-20 Conditional Use Permit for Red Brick LLC., to construct and operate a utility scale solar array located on 21 individual parcels of property in an A-1 Agricultural zone with tax parcel numbers as follows: 031-02-05A; 031-0A-0-31; 031-0A-33A; 031-0A-33B; 031-0A-0-33C; 031-0A-0-33D; 032-0A-0-38; 032-0A-0-39; 032-0A-0-40; 032-0A-0-40A; 032-0A-0-40B; 043-01-0-1; 043-01-0-2; 043-01-0-5; 043-01-0-04; 043-01-0-5; 043-01-0-6; 043-0A-0-27; IS 043-0A-0-28; 044-0A-0-1; 044-0A-0-2. The property consists of 2510 acres fronting on the north side of Route 49 approximately 1 mile west of Lunenburg Courthouse. The 15.2-2232 process is required by the Code of Virginia prior to any request for a zoning amendment regarding specified projects to be considered.  The process determines if the request is in compliance with the Lunenburg-Kenbridge-Victoria Comprehensive Plan.

Will you come?